“Create the Future” We build the future with our reliable technology

It has been 62 years since our company was founded in 1995.
We have made many achievements and grown to be one of the highly valued corporations on Osumi Peninsula and even in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Based in Kihoku-cho, Kanoya city, we continue expanding our business to the other prefectures in Kyushu, Kanto area, and Southeast Asia, so that we will be a company capable to meet any needs of manufacturing.

“To people, towns, and the earth”
General constructor rooted in the community

As a general constructor, the company is engaged in overall construction businesses, ranging from building to civil engineering, port improvement, paving, and renovation.
We want to continue being grateful, trying to new things, and growing while carrying out local activities.

How many employees work in the company?

There are 82 employees now.

What is the breakdown of the employees?

Among them ,there are 12 females, 7 Vietnamese, 1 Nepalese, and 2 Chinese.

Our group companies

There are 20 group companies around Kyushu, in Chiba Prefecture and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.




Mori Construction Sales

(Unit: billion yen)