2017 New employee training programs

March 6 Joining briefing session
April 1 Joining ceremony
April 3-5 Training(OFF-JT)
Workshop by a specialized institution
April 13-14

New employee seminar by Social Entrepreneur School, Kyushu School

In April along with the trainings above, senior employees give OJT on how to use computers and CAD, and how to prepare application forms, and others.

It is in Mori Industry Group!!

Social Entrepreneur School, Kyushu School(

Two instructors of the school provide new employee seminar and follow-up trainings.
This is very useful for employees training both of inside and outside group.

We promote recruiting people from overseas

We are developing a variety of human resources by hiring people from different countries.
Among our engineers, 6 are from overseas: 4 Vietnamese, 1 Nepalese, and 1 Chinese.
Foreign engineers are indispensable for the future of construction business, because the number of Japanese who want to be a construction engineer is getting smaller year by year.

Company where women can demonstrate their power

The company currently has three female engineers, two of whom are qualified.
The society is expected to give equal opportunity to for both men and women.
The company is at the forefront of creating workplace culture for women.