Civil engineer

90 percent of orders Construction Department receive are from private works: mainly construction of livestock facilities, as well as other facilities of hospitals, schools, eel farms and so on.
Civil Engineering Department contracts and practices various construction works, ranging from road and other traffic infrastructure to works ordered by the national and prefectural governments including Ministry of Defense, and to distributing reservoirs and ports.
Our civil engineers’ responsibility is supervising works on a construction site: giving directions to workers, confirming that their directions are properly done, organizing photos, surveying, doing light duty works. Otherwise, they work out documents on a computer in the office.
It is a great experience to get a sense of accomplishment when an assigned work is completed!

Vehicle department

The department has two sections, operation and paving.
Operation section members’ main job is to operate heavy machinery on construction sites.
We have many kinds of heavy machinery. We choose and convey appropriate machines to each construction site.
Qualification is necessary to operate heavy machinery.The company assists employees to acquire qualifications. It is appealing that this section's members can operate various kinds of heavy machines.
Paving Section is in charge of paving roads and parking lots with asphalt mixture.

Sales department

This department performs sales operations from taking orders to delivery in Construction department and Civil Engineering department.
Their job responsibilities includes documentation, sales calls on clients and jobsite confirmation.
This department is the face of the company.

General Affairs Department, Accounting Department, Materials Department

The primary job is preparing documents for each sections, mainly using computers.
They also perform various duties, such as handling phone calls and visitors.