We build the future with human and nature in harmony.

Mori construction corporation ltd , a general constructor and the core firm of Mori Industry Group, has been engaged in various local construction projects, such as civil engineering, working on roads and ports, as well as landscaping. The company contributes to development of prosperous communities as a leader of local business, by meeting needs of public and private entities.

Head office 〒893-0201
3847-2, Kihokucho Kamimobiki, Kanoya Shi, Kagoshima Pref.
TEL+81-99-486-1131 FAX+81-99-486-0724
President Yoshihiro Mori
Capital 20,000,000 yen

81 people

Descriptions of businesses Special construction business
(civil engineering, construction, carpentry, scaffolding and earthwork, plumbing, paving, water facilities)
General construction business(landscaping)
Sales offices Kagoshima Branch
Mori-bld. 3F 13-1 Nishisengoku-cho Kagoshima city
TEL+81-99-222-5403 FAX+81-99-225-4669

Shibushi Branch
11509-9 Yamashige Ariake-cho, Shibushi City, Kagoshima Pref.
TEL+81-99-475-0333 FAX+81-99-475-1858

Aira Branch
M&M Manshon105, 3144-1 Shinko Hayato-cho Kirishima City, Kagoshima Pref.

Sou Branch
2861 Iwagawa Osumi-cho Soo City, Kagoshima Pref

Kumamoto Branch
1-7-7,Mawatari, Minami Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Pref

Corporate history

June 1 1956 Mori group established
Representative Yoshio Mori
December 26 1962 Reorganized into Mori Construction Co., Ltd.
with 3 million yen in capital
August 16 1973 Mori construction increases the capital to 5 million yen
April 21 1976 Mori construction increases the capital to 7 million yen
December 26 1976 Mori construction increases the capital to 13 million yen
August 1984 Yoshihisa Mori assumed the representative director
August 6 1991 Mori construction increases the capital to 15 million yen
May 18 1997 Mori construction increases the capital to 20 million yen
November 21 2000 Obtains ISO9001 certification
October 22 2002 Obtains ISO14001 certification
December 17 2010 Obtains certification of OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
June 2012 Yoshihiro Mori assumed the representative director
November 2015 Obtains ISO27001 certification


Polyhedron company group to create the future with rich mind

Mori Construction, the core of Mori Group, was founded in Kamimobiki, Kihoku-cho in 1955, when Japan was at a major turning point from the post-war restoration to growth.
For 50 years since then, we have expanded our business from construction and civil engineering of social infrastructure to crusher-run stone, asphalt mixture, transportation, livestock, lumber, community facilities, and recycling, while establishing Mori Industry Group, which has been contributing to development of the region. We deeply appreciate support and cooperation of those who have been with us.
Today we are at another major turning point. We are faced with larger challenges: new markets of merged municipals, establishment of sustainable recycling-based society, and preservation of environment. These are indispensable to hand over our beautiful native district to the future generation.
In order to meet and fulfill these needs and create a society with rich mind, Mori Group is determined to carry various business projects, based on our technologies and people's trust in us, while intending coexistence with nature and environment.
We sincerely appreciate your generous support.

Mori industry group
Chairman Yoshihisa Mori


We launch new challenges to grow with technology and tradition cultivated in our 60-year history.

We sincerely appreciate your generous support.
Thanks to your continuous support, Mori-Kensetsu , has steadily moved forward since its inauguration 60-odd years ago. Now that construction business has changed as the social structure has changed, it is entering into a new stage.
As we are a local construction company, we need to have foresight to discern what is necessary today and what must be handed down to the next generation.
All the company members aim to be an energetic company with ideal future in mind, while contributing to the community, inheriting tradition and accumulated knowledge, meeting needs of our clients flexibly, and creating challenges.

Mori Construction Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Yoshihiro Mori