Mori Construction Co., Ltd. (referred as we in the following). Will take all effort to protect the privacy of the customers’ who uses our website. The information about the customer (referred as personal information in the following) which we gathered to provide the services, are protected by various systems, method and our most effort.

We hold great respect to the personal information, and will never participate in any kind of activities with related to buying, selling, exchanging and all other inappropriate handle about personal information.

The customer who use this web site and provide personal information will be considered as understood our privacy policy, our handling of personal information and accepted or privacy policy terms.

The purpose of gathering personal information

  1. 1. The personal information we gathered with be used in the following purposes.
  2. 2. For us to provide the service and products that the customer demanded
  3. 3. For us to inform the customer with suitable services, new products and etc.
  4. 4. Other purposes which required by the purposes mentioned above

  5. Also, in order to fulfill the services mentioned, we may have to consign part of our service to the associated companies. In such case, we may have to provide the need personal information to the associated companies. In this case, we will promote the protection of personal information privacy through methods such as sign agreement and contracts with the associated companies with request them to properly handle the customer personal information.

Disclose of personal information

In the following situation, we may have to disclose the customer personal information without the customers’ approve.
Base on Police, court, and other governmental institutions’ request, to preserve personal and property security, and we are difficult to acquire the customer’s approval.

Management of personal information

  1. We will take proper method to manage the personal information we gathered from the customers, and we make best effort to prevent the leak, damage and loss of personal information. And for the purpose to improve our service and product, we may have to cosign the personal information to associated companies, which have acquired the certificate of properly handle the personal information.

  2. The associate company could only use the necessary part of personal information for the purpose we cosigned. In such case, we will sign agreements and contracts with the associated company for properly handle the personal information. And request the associated company to take best effort to protect the privacy.

Auditing of staff

  1. We will make periodic and proper training to our staffs to ensure the awareness of personal information protection. Also, while managing the persona information, we will assign internal auditor, keep proper auditing and prevent the leak of personal information. About the external unauthorized access, tampering and other threats, we will take proper and suitable security method, protect the personal information. About the inter access to the database which contains personal information, we will limited the access authorization, and prevent unauthorized use of the personal information eternally.

Web links

  1. About the web links beside us, our privacy policy is not applicable. Please confirm the privacy policy of the web link.

Revision of privacy policy

We, in the purpose of improve our service and product, may have to revise and improve the above privacy policy.
If there is any revise of privacy policy, the changes will be published here on this website.
Through publish the latest privacy statement here on this website, the latest gathering method and using purpose is available.
Please keep a periodic check of this website Also in the case if we are using the personal information is a purpose which different from the purpose we stated. We will publish the related information and contact customers with e-mails.

The customer possess the right to decide, whether their personal information gathered could be used for the purpose other than the stated purpose or not.